Only Somewhat Shameful Virgin Story Out

Several years ago, I read an anthology called ‘Unicorns Vs Zombies’ by Holly Black and Justine Larbalestier. Holly chose her favorite unicorn stories to compete against Justine’s zombie tales. The stories were great, but almost as fun were the intros, where the two editors debated which creature was better and leveled insults. I recommend it.

Anyway, that’s not what this post is about. The book has no actual zombie/unicorn battlin’, so I wrote a story (as Nathan Cromwell) to remedy that. You can read it at

Shameful Tree Sex Story Out

“The Very Last Time I Will Ever Have Sex With A Tree” is out on Stupefying Stories (link below). Thanks out to Bruce for the edits. Anyone who makes me look smarter than I am deserves a medal.

The title popped into my head during my commute, and I wondered what I could do with that. Of course it involves magical creatures and human suffering. Of course it does.

I will bitterly disappointed if no puns or other such low japes appear in the comments section.

This will make your browser history suspicious to your spouse



I have a couple of interviews floating around about the new story. Check out the one from April 5th on the publisher’s site,  which also has a lovely picture of me, sort of, and the more recent one from April 13th on the webpage of one of my coauthors in the anthology.

Just sent back the galleys for the physical copy. I like the edits Sarah made–I love it when people make me look smarter than I am. You, dear reader can help with that. Be sure to say out loud to yourself in crowded public spaces, “That Nathan Cromwell–he’s smart as whip, you know.” I can tell you from experience it’s not embarrassing at all.